Community Activist Tom McWilliams Passed Away Thursday Evening

We were saddeneed to hear that Tom McWilliams, 75, passed away suddenly Thursday evening.  Tom was involved in our community in so many ways and whenever we were at a Cecil County event Tom was usually there.  The last time we saw him was Monday evening at the Colora Civic Association.  It was always a pleasure to run into the former college professor and dean for he cared about this county and in a kind, gentle way contributed to many groups.  The thoughtfulness and insight he brought to many public policy discussions and his ability to help resolve conflict was something we appreciated.  He will be missed. 

Tom’s memorial service will be Saturday, May 2nd at 11:00 a.m. at Immaculate Conception


3 responses to “Community Activist Tom McWilliams Passed Away Thursday Evening

  1. “kind” and “gentle” are truly the right words to describe him. He was very sincere and dedicated to helping our county. We will be missed. I am praying for his family.

  2. Tom McWilliams was a good man. He showed up at all the Historical Society events. I’ll miss running into him out and about the county.

  3. Louise & Kyle.

    I agree. It was always a pleasure to run into Tom around the county and it was something I’d grown to expect whenever I attended a political, cultural or social event. We’d always exchange a few pleasant words or talk about the important issue of the moment.

    For those aspring to climb the Cecil County political heights, Tom can provide some standards to examine. He was out there because he really care about what was going on and you always felt that. He also made sure his involvement for the betterment of the community was broadly based, much more than just the political committees.

    He was thoughtful and approached things in a systematic way that involved evaluating evidence in order to come to conclusions. I wish more members of the political leadership of the county had the ability to critical evalute policy policy issues, come to conclusions and help build support for the conclusion.

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