Elkton High School Rededicated

Dozens of people gathered this afternoon for the rededication of the Elkton High School odsc_4378n the 50th anniversary of the facility’s opening. After the ceremony, people walked through the halls and classrooms viewing the amazing transformation that has taken place.  The school that was designed to serve the educational needs of post World War II students is now proudly equipped to serve as a 21st ccentury learning environment.

When Elkton High opened in 1958 on this 37-acre plot of land at the end of James Street, it replaced a facility that was built during the Great Depression (currently the Middle School).  The school contained 25 classrooms, a library, cafeteria and all the other modern requirements students and educators needed in the 1950s.  Today the school has 1,100 students.

For many this rain soaked Sunday afternoon, it was a walk through the hallways of time as they encountered former teachers and classmates in their old classrooms.


Ninety two year old, Miss Rebecca Smith, stands in her old classroom, recalling student seat assignments. She retired in 1976.


One response to “Elkton High School Rededicated

  1. Lovely picture of Miss Smith…I’ll bet she had some wonderful stories to share!

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