Cecil Whig Reports that Ethics Commission Will Meet on May 26

This morning’s edition of the Cecil Whig has an article on the Ethics Commission complaint filed by Bob Litzenberg. Having watched this matter unfold at meeting after meeting for months now, we believe this is a good piece of reporting, digging into the story and presenting a balanced view of what’s transpired as Bob Litzenberg tried to get someone to answer to his complaint.

The town contributed $65,000 to the nonprofit, which has a budget of $215,000, according to the daily paper. About $68,000 of that revenue stream comes from Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Façade Grant Program, a pass through initiative that allocates funds to Main Street merchants working to fix up store fronts.

Commissioner Jablonski told the Whig that she checked with the town attorney when she filed for office and he determined that her position was not a conflict of interest. The Whig reported that the attorney refused to comment Wednesday, but aired his opinion yesterday evening at the town workshop, a meeting where the public is not allowed to speak.

According to the town ethics code, officials and employees may not be “directly or indirectly interested in any service or materials furnished to the town, nor receive any emoluments or profit from such services or materials beyond the salary paid to him.” The code also states that they cannot “hold any outside employment relationship that would impair their impartially or independence of judgment.”


Grab a copy of today’s Whig for the full story.  It’s a good, detailed piece of journalism.


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