Chesapeake City Blogger Seeks to Fill Gap in Local News Content

One of the Chesapeake City Blogs, noting that an alternative news source is needed in Cecil County, has issued a call for contributors in “response to the trend of less local news published in the local paper with very little, if any, real in-depth news.”  To fill this empty space, the Mirror is opening the web-log to contributors so it can provide more local content for the Chesapeake City community. 

The publisher cites Joe Albero’s Salisbury News Blog, the “number one rated political blog in Maryland” as an example of what can be done.  “His blog, (and others) shows what a blog can be and what it can accomplish. Local news that is informative, and knowledgeable opinions from the community, is what each community must have to allow residents to remain informed of what is going on in Chesapeake City,” the Mirror’s publisher says.

—- Comments from Someone Noticed

As legacy media continues its pull back of local coverage, there is a need in Cecil County for indepth reporting that gets into the complexity of matters and provides insightful, balanced news and op/ed pieces.  Someone will fill this gap as changes in technology, a deep recession, and the failure of publishers to see the future hastens the changes that are taking place. 

We continually notice the acceleration in the trend of local advertisers turning to new, more cost efficient ways to reach customers with targeted messages.  We noticed how many desired advertising emails we get from our favorite restaurants around the county and they are able to deliver those message at virtually no cost.

Here are some stories that have been filed about the changes taking place in media, locally and across the nation on Someone Noticed.


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