Carl Roberts one of the Finalist for Harford County Superintendent’s Job

Maryland Association of Boards of Education

Superintendent Search Service

621 Ridgely Avenue, Suite 300

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

May 19, 2009



Bel Air – Following extensive screening of seventeen applicants with diverse backgrounds by the search consultants, the Board of Education interviewed seven highly qualified candidates.

The Board selected candidates for interviews based upon state requirements and the criteria that had been established by the Board with input from stakeholders. The Board completed initial interviews May 13 and invited four finalists to visit the County, meet with stakeholders, and interview with the Board on May 20, 21, 27, and 28. Media will be provided with the opportunity to meet each of the finalists at the Roberty Building at 9:40 AM each day.

May 20 Dr. Carl Roberts

May 21 Dr. Franklin Till, Jr.

May 27 Dr. Raymond Bryant

May 28 Dr. Robert Tomback

Dr. Carl Roberts

Dr. Carl Roberts received his Doctorate in Education Administration and Supervision from Wilmington College. Dr. Roberts has been Executive Director of the Public School Superintendents’ Association of Maryland since July 2008. Dr. Roberts served as superintendent of schools in Cecil County from 1996–2008. Prior to becoming superintendent, Dr. Roberts was an assistant superintendent, high school principal, athletic director, and teacher in Harford County. During his superintendency in Cecil County, he initiated the Baldrige principles in the operation of the school system and focused on data driven decision making. Dr. Roberts has testified numerous times before the Maryland Legislature. Dr. Roberts has been recognized locally and at the state level. He is an active participant in numerous professional and community organizations including the American Association of School Administrators, NAACP, Boys and Girls Clubs of Cecil County, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Franklin Till, Jr. — Dr. Till earned his Doctorate in Education Administration from the University of Southern California. Dr. Till served as superintendent in Broward County, FL (the 6th largest district in the nation) for seven years. Prior to becoming superintendent, he was a deputy superintendent, assistant superintendent, area director, operations manager, principal, teacher, resource teacher, and counselor in San Diego, CA. Dr. Till raised student achievement in Broward County and closed the achievement gap between ethnic groups. Dr. Till has received numerous awards and recognitions including an Honorary Doctorate from Nova University. He has written several articles on education topics and has taught at the university level. Dr. Till is an active member of many professional organizations including Phi Delta Kappa, American Association of School Administrators, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. He served as CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward for three years.

Dr. Raymond Bryant — Dr. Bryant received his Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Administration from the University of Maryland. He serves as superintendent in Elmira, NY. Prior to becoming superintendent in Elmira, Dr. Bryant served as associate superintendent for Special Education Reform, Washington, DC, associate superintendent, director of special education services, principal, coordinator of special education, teacher and speech pathologist. Dr. Bryant served 18 years as an educator in Maryland and brought the concept of Judy Centers and student service learning to Elmira. He is a member of numerous educational and community organizations including The United Way, the Chemung Chamber of Commerce, Council for Exceptional Children, and American Association of School Administrators. Dr. Bryant has testified on special education before the Maryland Legislature, the Thornton Commission, and Congress. He was recognized by the Montgomery Collaboration Council. He has taught at the university level including, Gallaudet, James Madison, and George Mason.

Dr. Robert Tomback — Dr. Tomback earned his Doctor of Philosophy, Human Development Education at the University of Maryland. He serves as Area Assistant Superintendent, Baltimore County and is instructional and administrative leader for 34 schools and approximately 25,000 students. Before becoming assistant superintendent in 2007, he was a principal, executive assistant, assistant principal, department chair and social studies teacher. He is a member of the American Association of School Administrators, American Educational Research Association and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. He has made several presentations at the American Educational Research Association. Dr Tomback has developed several professional development courses and has published a number of articles. He is past president, Maryland Council for Social Studies and a member of the STEM Task Force, Technology Planning Committee, and Home-Base Advisory Committee, Baltimore County Public Schools.


6 responses to “Carl Roberts one of the Finalist for Harford County Superintendent’s Job

  1. God help the taxpayers in Harford Co,

  2. “God help the taxpayers in Harford Co.”

    Actually, it’s God help the students, especially the special ed, learning disabled and/or reading challenged students.

    People object to state or federal intervention in education, clinging to the myth of locally controlled schools. The last thing arrogant educators like Roberts want is LOCAL control. They just want Education Administrators control, especially of the budget and of how performance is reported. State and federal education laws erode that contol, which is why Education Administrators try to get the community to object to state and federal laws.

    I once went with a group of parents to a legislative hearing to ask for more public school funding. One senator listened to each and every one of us before explaining that even if he and his colleagues granted our requests, absolutely no one controls how local school administrators spend their funds. He pointed out the legislature could grant the funding request, and we parents still would not get the programs we wanted.

    We parents were, he explained, being used. We would, he suggested, be better off pushing for school choice, because until the public schools have competition, they are never going to have to care what we parents want.

    When the schools practically destroyed my disabled child, the only help I got was from the state and federal government, who confirmed CCPS was violating law. And all the while, the Whig never stopped elevating this evil hearted man, Carl Roberts.

    God help the students.

  3. Crazy Old History Teacher

    If those morons in Harford County hire Super Carl, I will just move to Mars! I never liked that crony Roberts! He didn’t care about the kids, he only cared about himself and the now Assistant Superintendent, Carol Teigland. You never see one without the other! Very rarely under Robert’s watch did you see money given by CCPS to support the kids go to the kids! It went to Dr. Teigland and the rest of his cronies at Booth Street!

  4. Crazy Young History Teacher,
    Now, now, you know I have grown to love your comments and your kangaroo??? smile…Was just teasing way back when on a now ancient thread, urging you to play nicely with the other kids in the blogging schoolyard. Wouldn’t want to have to send you to Dr. Roberts office…from what I’ve heard about him, I don’t think I’d want to set foot anywhere near Dr. R’s office!

  5. Now Crazy History Teacher & Louise, our experience with Dr. Roberts is that he was a first-class, professional Supt. Cecil County was lucky to have such a pro in that position to guide the changes and growth the system had to go through, especially in times of rapid, mandated change.

  6. No, I don’t have any personal experience with Dr. R. But I have always wondered how/why he hired that PR lady, just out of school with no experience, at over $53K, or a lot more than an entry level certified teacher would earn. I do know many teachers who were angry about that and said it was just part of Dr. R’s pattern of bloating the administrative side of things at Bow St.

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