“Now that’s Good Government,” Former Mayor Says as Elkton Cuts Expenses and Holds Line on Taxes

For the second consecutive year, the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton successfully held the line on taxes. By a vote of four to one, the town adopted a tax levy of .504-cents per $100, a decrease in the rate of 7.9%. This fully offset the increase in the assessments. A few citizens noted the work of the commissioners at reducing expenses and maintaining the same tax burden on property owners. Here’s the way former Mayor James Crouse summed it up. “Thanks for keeping taxes in place and cutting expenditures. That’s good government,” he concluded.

Commissioner Gary Storke explained his vote against the budget by asking the question, “Are we any better off [downtown] now than we were 10 years ago?” He was referring to the $50,000 incorporated into the budget for the Elkton Alliance, the Main Street program. These programs are supposed to be self-supporting after three years. It’s been 10-years now and we’ve given about a $1-million dollars in town money to the Main Street program. All we are doing now is providing programs that repeat themselves. “My downtown means a lot to me,” the commissioner added and I appreciate the work the volunteers are doing to revitalize Main Street, but there has to be an end to everything. He also noted the 3% raise that was included for town employees in the current budget.


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