The Dagger, “Local News With an Edge,” Is Providing Its Readers with a Depth of Content

Only a few weeks ago, we discovered a virtual news site that really impresses  Someone Noticed.  It is the Dagger Press, “local news with an edge,” and its Harford County-centric at this point, though we notice they indicate they are willing to expand.  Maybe they’ll drift across the Susquehanna as a public service, especially since there’s a market opportunity here.  At Someone Noticed, we could use lots of help with trying to provide the “411 on the mayor and blog - daggercommissioners of Elkton.”  There’s so much news that we can’t keep up with it all.  Now if we were down in the Canal Town, a place with about 700 people, we’d have some competition since there are about 4 bloggers commenting on things (depends on how you count).  But in trying to provide coverage of Elkton meetings we’re all alone and we haven’t seen a print reporter at a meeting lately.  We’d be happy to have a few more reporters willing to produce the news that takes place here.

Here’s some of how the publishers introduce themselves.  Check it out for its the type of content, with quality and depth, which you’d once find in your local newspaper.  To that you you can add a little 21st century edge and the interactivity new media permits.  Someone Noticed is certainly surfing over to get our dose of Harford County news, which we are not getting from legacy media in that county anymore.  It is a worthwhile product on the web.  We predict it has economic viability and it is providing a public service by filling a gap in the local news market.

An interactive, online news magazine providing independent reporting, cultural commentary and (seldom) humorous social observations. Our original content is strengthened and supplemented by the open involvement and direct participation of our readers. Together, reader and writer, supporter and detractor, come together to form a unique online community. . . . The Dagger is looking for… Writers, reporters, bloggers, critics, photographers, videographers, comedians and neighborhood busybodies who are interested in telling the rest of our community what you know. While our home base is the Central Maryland region, we are always looking to grow and are interested in expanding our horizons and minds. Email us for more information, or drop us a note using our contact form. How is The Dagger different? Citizen Journalism. Although most of us at one time worked as professional journalists, most of us are not presently employed in the media industry. We like to think we’veretained the best the newspaper world has to offer (objective reporting, biting writing, quality storytelling) while being able to jettison some of the problems of the profession (attachment to media conglomerates, refusal to adapt to modern technology/society, stubbornly wrong-headed traditionalist thinking).  What’s more, we’ve torn down the boundary between reporter and reader. We are all citizen journalists. There is no longer a need to filter information through a reporter and editor. No one can tell the story like someone who lived it. No one can report on community happenings like someone who resides there. Our readers are our writers and vice versa. Through submissions, open commenting and our forum, there is nothing preventing you from telling your story anymore. No deaf-eared editor will tune you out and effectively mute you.


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