Chesapeake City Election Results Are In Over at the Cecil Observer

Today citizens in Chesapeake City turned out to elect members of the town council for the upcoming term.  The polls closed at 7:30 p.m. and the results of the election are already up over at the Cecil Observer a new, rapidly growing news blog in the canal town.  Surf over there to get the full story.  In addition, the publisher, David Healey prepared a couple of other pieces on the election.   A few days ago we read about the candidates and today he provided readers with an update on how things were going on election day.

Someone Noticed values this type of content and we’re sure voters, taxpayers and citizens of the Chesapeake City area are appreciative.  To our knowledge, the local newspaper didn’t cover the municipal election.   In the past we always turned to our local paper to find out something about the candidates and to know where the polling places were.  We believe it is this kind of information readers want.   Thank you Cecil Observer for helping us stay informed in Cecil County by providing content that is useful to us and by covering your beat thoroughly.


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