Ethics Commission Has Finally Met, It Is Mentioned at Elkton Town Meeting

 The public received an update on the Ethics Commission complaint involving Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski at this evening’s Elkton town board meeting.  When it came time for the commissioners’ reports, Commissioner Jablonski mentioned that the three-member ethics panel had met. As she and the town attorney exchanged comments, the attorney remarked that a letter was sent out today to the involved parties. To that Commissioner Jablonski asked if she too was getting a letter. She is. 

None of the officials offered insight on the ruling concerning whether it is a violation of the town ethics code to sit as an elected official and vote on budgets for an organization where you serve as the paid executive director.  The exchange was brief and done in an informal almost conversational sort of way toward the end of the meeting, when the officials offer remarks.
This, long, drawn-out matter began on March 19 when Bob Litzenberg drafted a complaint for Elkton’s Ethics Commission.  But that was only beginning in the effort to get a ruling.   Each month he  has had to appear before the town board to find out it they’d received his request and to keep things moving along. Once Someone Noticed hears something from somone in an official capacity, we’ll pass it on to readers of Someone Noticed.
This subject of making official statements on controversial matters has never been a strength of the town in recent years.  We recall when we were involved in the Elk Landing matter and we’d ask them to just issue a press release saying what they were doing and nothing would happen.  Then they’d complain about the rumors.  You’d think they’d want to get ahead of the information flow as much as possible and issue formal statements, which, would at least, allow them to position the story in the most favorable light.  Heck the way things are going with legacy media these days, they’d probably just pick it up and print it, without asking any questions.
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