Ancient Relic from Elkton’s Past Begins to Shine in 21st Century

Over the past several months, the Historic Elk Landing Foundation has been busy overseeing the restoration of a structure that was built in the 1780s.  Until recently the severely deteriorated building was at risk of being lost to time and decades of neglect, but thanks to grants from the Maryland State Legislature, the Maryland Historical Trust and other sources, the structure is beginning to shine again.  We’ve posted two photos to show you the progress, the Foundation has made on this preservation project.


The 1780s stone house a few days ago

When the Foundation started improving this property about ten years ago, the idea was to turn this historic site into a living history center that would draw thousands of tourists to the county seat each year.   As Elkton continues working to identify and implement strategies that will strengthen the economy of its central business district, we believe this strategy is a practical one and this recently completed step helps give the town a property that can draw tourists here.  The Foundation has now improved two centuries old properties tract of land.

elkton 712

The structure as it appeared about 1999


5 responses to “Ancient Relic from Elkton’s Past Begins to Shine in 21st Century

  1. How beautiful !!!

    Thank you Elk Landing Foundation. It is so important to preserve the past so we can remember in the future.

  2. Andy:

    Indeed, this was an excellent step forward. It’ll give them a great place now that they have two substantially improved buildings, to do programming that’ll draw people to Elkton. I would hope the Elkton Alliance and the town would see this as one of their viable opportunities. That’s really what Elkton has got to figure out, as a number of folks have posted on this blog, what is going to be their anchors for drawing people back downtown.

  3. Mike, thanks for your part in making this past part of Cecil County’s future. I look forward to hearing more about the progress.

  4. This is such a gem for Elkton and the hard work of these Elk Landing volunteers has paid off. In just a few more years, this building would have been a ruin. Now it looks like the Stone House will be around for the next century and then some.

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