Learn About Poetry, Fiction & Journalism This Summer In Beautiful Chesapeake City

By David Healey

As I looked for ways to keep our two kids busy this summer, I came across a writing camp at one of the colleges in Baltimore. It sounded like a great opportunity, but it was just too far away (and expensive) to justify. So I thought, why not have our own camp this summer here in Chesapeake City? Our camp will be for five days, three hours per day, July 27-31 from 9 a.m. to noon.

I have taught writing classes and workshops to college students and adults, but this camp will be geared toward children entering grades five through eight. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on:

Poetry. This is such an accessible medium for young writers. With a few words, you can express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. We will look at some of the forms of poetry (including popular song lyrics) and try our hand at writing poems of our own.

Journalism. This section of our camp will be an introduction to the 5ws on which all journalism is based. We’ll also learn some basic skills such as interviewing and writing a news lead. We’ll then put on our reporter’s hats to track down a few “news” stories in Canal Town.

Fiction. We’ll take a look at our favorite Young Adult authors and discuss why we like what they write. How do these authors manage to spark our imagination? How do they describe scenes and handle dialogue? How do they create tension in their scenes? Then we’ll write some fiction of our own.

Field trips. We plan on taking two field trips for inspiration and to give us something to write about. Tentatively, we are planning a visit to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Museum and a boat trip on the Miss Clare. We’ll celebrate the last day of class by heading over to the ice cream shop. There will be no driving involved because everything is within walking distance.

We’re going to limit the camp to no more than 10 young writers. (Another adult will be helping out.) The cost will be $100, which will include our field trips and some snacks. (Can’t write on an empty stomach!) We will be meeting in historic Franklin Hall on Bohemia Avenue. If you are interested, feel free to call or e-mail. I will be happy to talk further or send you our sign-up form.

Thank you for your interest, and have a great summer,

Click here for more information on David Healey’s Blog


One response to “Learn About Poetry, Fiction & Journalism This Summer In Beautiful Chesapeake City

  1. What a cool concept. Wish I was a 5th to 8th grader .
    Maybe a “writer’s camp” for grownups could be held in the fall – develop some talent for all these blogs we’re hearing about ????

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