New Media Continues Emerging, While Some Legacy Media is Beginning to Figure it Out

Over the past few years a number citizen journalism sites have popped up to serve Cecil County readers.  Some of these weblogs are of excellent quality and provide readers with insightful or opinionated local content as they fill  gaps in local coverage.

To add to the amount of local content online, we were pleased to find that one legacy media company is getting a recordhandle on what its needs to do to maintain a viable enterprise in the 21st century.  The publisher of the Record and Aegis is addressing  the market opportunities and moving in the right direction by creating a quality web presence at  The papers have maintained a web site with free content for some time, but this weblog is grealty enhanced with valued content from western Cecil.  When the record pushes a story on the net, it is picked up by the news aggreagtors and thus it gets many views (unlike with a paid site).  The site is Explore Harford.

In the adjoining areas, several quality citizen journalism sites have been created recently.  Though we’ve mentioned most of them before, we’ll list them here again in case readers want to check them out.  On our sidebar, we’ve listed the active citizen journalism weblogs in Cecil.


3 responses to “New Media Continues Emerging, While Some Legacy Media is Beginning to Figure it Out

  1. Talking about new media, CYR will be web-casting the Land Use Forum tonight. Thought you might want to let your readers know about it.

    ~ Josue
    CYR Communications Director

  2. Josue:

    Thanks to you and the CCYR Club for providing a valuable public service. In the 21st century this is the way to go. I’m very interested in this matter of the comprehensive plan, especially in light of all the stories I’m hearing around town and the lack of insightful coverage from traditional media. But thanks to CCYR I was able to watch the entire meeting from home, since my schedule did not permit me to attend. Please keep providing these services. They’re really needed in Cecil County, since there are so few ways for citizens to stay informed.

  3. the case is how far new media can take control of mass,it is interesting we are in a age of newmedia.

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