Mariner Launches Blog to Serve Timely, Original Content For Readers

We’re always pleased to see quality weblogs sprout up in the blogosphere since there’s a market for valued local content on the web and in print in this area.  Today we became aware of the latest one and it meets our criteria, a web 2.0 product that has value to readers.  It is published by the Mariner, a print publication focusing on boating in the Chesapeake.  We want to make our readers aware of it since they should find this Chesapeake Publishing product of interest.

It is important for print media to begin to understand how to manage its products in the 21st century digital delivery age and this appears to be an excellent step that couples print with a web 2.0 product.  We’re surprised more of those well-paid newspaper publishing executives didn’t figure these strategies out a long time ago so they could have continued controlling the market, but many of them still haven’t determined what they’re going to do in this new age of citizen journalism.

marinerIt wasn’t too long ago that we gave Chesapeake Publishing a thumbs up for talking about how the new Mariner was going to deliver local content.  Thanks Mariner for delivering timely local content to readers.


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