Port Deposit Continues Growing as Destination for Fine Restaurants: Jacob Marley’s at the Winchester Becomes Newest

Over the past few years we’ve carefully watched as Port Deposit has become a Cecil County destination spot for fine dining. As a result we often head that way to enjoy excellent meals coupled with the atmosphere of an attractive historic river town for strolling. This evening was one of those times, especially in light of the beautiful July day that was drawing to a close. We arrived on Main Street with friends, getting ready to mull over four excellent options, when this new sign hanging on the front of the old Winchester Hotel caught our attention. It read Jacob Marley’s at the Winchester so as we paused to read the menu an enthusiastic member of the staff greeted us. After a brief conversation where we learned that the restaurant and bar had just opened, we decided to check the newest spot in the river town.

Our experience at Jacob Marley’s at the Winchester was delightful. A first-class staff served up marvelous food and libations. We’re so pleased with this initial experience that we’ll make our way back to Port over the weekend for another visit to Jacob Marley’s and we’ll write a full review afterwards. But we can tell you already that it is a place to check out. It’s right there in the center of town at 15 South Main Street. You won’t be disappointed.

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