Jacob Marley’s Definitely a Place for Fine Food & Drink in Port Deposit


Since we tripped across the newest addition to the booming Port Deposit restaurant scene, Jacob Marley’s at the Winchester, we’ve been back to that fine establishment two additional times.  Located in the old Winchester Hotel, the historic 19th century structure, once having served as a hotel, is a charming spot for enjoying an evening with friends over food and drinks.   Over three meals, we’ve sampled creative orders from the kitchen, while the bar served up some of the best premium mixed drinks.  In particular, the outside deck is attractive on these beautiful July evenings as the evening sun casts an attractive glow on the Susquehanna River.  The pub is an excellent place to head to with friends, while you enjoy the hospitality of excellent hosts.

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7 responses to “Jacob Marley’s Definitely a Place for Fine Food & Drink in Port Deposit

  1. Yeah this is a great place. We stopped in there the other evening after we read your post. Food and drinks are good and the owners and Chuck are the best.

  2. Harvey:

    Glad to hear you too enjoyed it. Port has become one of our new destination towns with those five excellent resturants and Jacob Marley’s is on the top of the list.

  3. Yeap, Jacob Marleys, it’s the place. I tried it and that Chuck knows how to work the crowd. Good food. Really good drinks. Chuck will take care of you and the service it be first-class. Check it out. You will find lots of other good choices in old PD. Almost can’t believe what’s happening in PD. I remember the town a few years ago.

  4. Riverman thanks for checking in with your review of Jacob Marleys. We were back down there this weekend, after we got back from a week’s vacation. It’s definitely on the top of our regular list. We’re spending lots of evening in Port Deposit these days. A lot has to do with the strong sense of place created by the old buildlings in town. That’s what created the right environment for five or so restuarants to pop up in just a few years. Find establishments like these are essential as anchors for revitalization. As you say Riverman, who would believe this would “happen in old PD.”

  5. Jacob Marley’s was an unexpected treasure during a day exploring Cecil County. Recent transplants from out of state, we have been in search of local, delish, and comfortable dining. Our first visit, we enjoyed our meal on the deck. Partial to the crab pretzel and adult lemonade, I took friends from Texas there a few weeks later. The food and service charmed them; they’ve included it in their plans for next year’s visit! Definitely recommended!

  6. Cathy:

    Thanks for stopping by Someone Noticed to let us know about your experience at Jacob Marley’s and welcome to Cecil County. You’ll have a wonderful time exploring our county and Port Deposit is a good place to start. It’s loaded with fine restuarants and has become one our in county destination spots. Be sure to get over to Chesapeake City and North East too. You’ll find visits to those communities enjoyable too and each has a distinct sense of place that’s wonderful for visitors and new residents.

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