Caught His Attention at the Cecil Observer

Editor and Publisher David Healey of the Cecil Observer has recently added a new column toEdPhoto72 the area’s newest citizen journalism blog.  His columns will focus on a mix of topics that have caught his attention.  It’ll address entertaining and worthwhile subjects in a tone that’ll range from informative to humorous to serious. In content, it’ll address local, regional or national issues. Sometimes it’ll feature a local character or organization, and it will present an interview every now and then with a local official or community leader. But, basically, the column will focus on whatever causes the author to pause and decide an issue or person is worth writing about.

Click here to go to the column on Cecil Observer


2 responses to “Caught His Attention at the Cecil Observer

  1. Golly Geepers, that grumpy old man putting that stuff up at that observer web site looks like Rush Limbaugh. Don’t tell Ole Same that Rush done moved to Cecil County and started writing news here. If it ain’t rush, he done takin a page write out of ole Rushs book.

    Ole Sams done out of words and take darn blogger fella over there wont let Ole Same comment. What happened to freedom of the press. It darn ok for Rush O to put that stuff but Ole Same cant say what he wants. I move back to this world wide web homepage

  2. No Sam that profile photo isn’t of Rush Limbaugh and he hasn’t moved to Cecil County. That’s our local publisher of ghost stories. Ed O has an oustanding reptuation a teller of talltales and stories about ghosts, supersitions, and foklore. Rest easy it’s not the big talker.

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