Cecil Observer: Caught My Attention: Writer Assigned to Include Apologies In Obama’s Speeches?

While the new columnist at the Cecil Observer doesn’t seem to be dealing with local issues, which are our focus, he is still producing some lively, engaging content, something that’s missing from the local media market.  Thus we thought you might be interested in his latest post.  We’ll certainly keep an eye on the material he’s producing and hopefully he’ll turn that keyboard to local topics someday.  We certainly need someone willing to dig into local matters and poke at them occasionally.

From the Cecil Observer

It’s a small world. Last week I was in Wilmington and ran into a former high school classmate, who told me that his granddaughter is working as an intern in Washington, D.C. With Joe Biden as vice president, he explained, there are a number of Delaware folks down there in decision-making positions. So a friend of a friend spoke to someone who knew someone, and the young lady ended up working inside the White House. Of course, I congratulated him on his family’s good fortune, and we agreed that the one-year internship in such a prestigious setting would open eyes and doors when the young lady applies for a full-time job related to her political science degree.

Article Continues at Cecil Observer


6 responses to “Cecil Observer: Caught My Attention: Writer Assigned to Include Apologies In Obama’s Speeches?

  1. Hi, Mike. Just wanted to let you know about another new local blog. It is the work of FOXY, the Diva Dog, who comments on all things canine, feline and Cecil County-ish.


  2. Hi, Foxy. You are one cute dog, or should I say Divine Diva Dog. Look forward to reading your “paw-servations.”

  3. Crazy Old History Teacher

    I’m back! Thats right Louise, crazy OLD history teacher is back! I’ve been commenting on that Cecil Observer blog, but that Dave Healey fella is either ignoring my comments or blocking me! Sheesh, ever heard of freedom of speech Mr. Healey!? I can’t believe people believe that Apollo Ghee crap that Dick Cheyney (OOPS! I mean Ed Okonowicz) is putting on there! Those tea baggers MUST be former students of mine! When they were my students, I thought they were MORONS and it turns out I WAS RIGHT!

  4. We thought we’d lost one of regular readers, Crazy History Teacher, since you haven’t stopped by with your observations on the local scene lately. I guess the new contributor over at the Cecil Observer has you stirred up a little or perhaps it the freedom of summer time.

    The Apology article is getting a lot of attention for sure but anyone carefully reading the piece would clearly see the nature of it as “Mr. Apollo Ghee” manages the office. But oh well, it’s the nature of things I guess that people will believe what they want to.

    Perhaps the editor over at the Cecil Observer wants to take a more thoughtful approach to matters and doesn’t approve of calling his readers morons. You might tone those assessments down a little if you’re going to post over there.

    Since our engagement with the Town of Elkton we’ve always favored a thoughtful approach based on arguments and logic.

  5. Crazy Old History Teacher

    I call everyone morons! I’ve never been accused of being a warm and fuzzy teacher. And are you saying the my arguments aren’t thoughtful and logical!? Whats the fun in that? You’re starting to sound like Mr. Healey over there at the Cecil Observer blog!

  6. Crazy “Young” History Teacher– So nice to “see” your comments and Kangaroo face back here. I just stopped by and found your comments.
    It is one thing for Mr. Ed to write a labeled column of commentary– like the ‘apology’ piece which I though was moronic, too– and quite another for the Observer to have published his Tea Party article which was purportedly news covering of an event but was in fact an ode to the GOP.
    So if theObserver wants to publish the whiney-ing of Mr. Ed, be sure to label the feedbag that horse wears…
    Your kangeroo face may be warm and fuzzy but we appreciate that your comments are not. Let Crazy Young History Teacher be himself!

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