Many Interested in Mayor’s Seat as Political Buzz Starts Early in Elkton

Although Elkton’s next election is nearly a year away there’s a growing political buzz around the May 2010 election. The chatter on Main Street, at the county office building, in Chesapeake City, and other places around Cecil County, indicates that there’s a larger array of exploratory office seekers coming out earlier in the cycle. In particular, there’s a growing group of candidates interested in contesting the mayor’s seat, according to discussions we’ve had with individuals and rumors that are flying around the county seat.

Wes Walker, the owner of a couple of Elkton eateries, told Someone Noticed a few months ago, that he plans to seek the mayor’s position. Certainly Wes is familiar with the challenges in the central business district since he operates the Main Street Café across from the Courthouse. About the time the county moved its offices out to the state line, he opened Delancy Café on Route 40, near where the 200 workers are now headquartered. He thus has a unique window on Main Street to understand what can be done to strengthen the town center. Wes has been present at town meetings lately, too.

But there’s more interest in the race for the chief executive’s seat. Talk has it that a couple of former mayors have been keeping a watchful eye on the leadership position they formerly held.  One of those individuals, with a decades long, successful track record of public service, has told a number of people that he’s going to compete for his old office.

While the mayor’s post is the one grabbing the most attention, there are two open commissioners’ seats.  Readers of Someone Noticed have been posting comments, speculating on candidates. That speculation grows whenever the town makes controversial decisions, which has occurred a lot lately.

We’ll make sure we stay on this so we can present balanced local content as this develops, especially since town affairs receives almost no ink these days from legacy media.


6 responses to “Many Interested in Mayor’s Seat as Political Buzz Starts Early in Elkton

  1. Crazy Old History Teacher

    So, Wes Walker is running for Mayor eh? It’s great to see a Bohemia Manor High School alumni out there doing great things…all the other Bo Manor alumni are in the county jail!

  2. Joe you watchin this?

  3. Fred, Elkton voter

    Jimmy Crouse was mayor for 20 years and he ran a tight ship. Those department heads didn’t do whatever they wanted because they knew who they worked for. He never raised our taxes either and those meetings were professional. He was a good mayor. Course I also heard Wisemans thinking about running for something to

  4. Fred:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the upcoming municipal race in 2010. I agree, Mayor Crouse had an excellent track rack as an efficient municipal leader during the 20 years he steered the town through significant growth and challenges. I know he was a fiscal conservative so I assume your information is correct about not raising taxes during two decades of rapid growth and controlled expansion of municipal services.

    Please keep us informed as you hear things since the closer we get to May 2010 the more involved this matter will get. We’ll try to do a lot of reporting and dig into these important stories to get information to help voters decide once the season for the race nears.

  5. I am anxious to see who actually files. You always here people talking about running, but sometimes it does not take shape. Crouse ran a tight ship and probably knows more about running the town than anyone. Walker is a smart and personable businessman with quite a few connections.

    Thanks for keeping us posted Mike!

  6. Patrick:

    It will be interesting to see how this shakes out since it’s very early. Also thanks for summarizing the strengths of two of the potential candidates. We fully agree with your assessments. Jim Crouse was an effective municipal leader. He attends lot of the town meetings these days and you see the leadership ability come through when he comments on some of the confusing discussions the council was just mulling. There’s a great deal of clarity and focus when he comments and if they listened it might help bring a focus to discussions that just keep bouncing around.

    Wes is from a younger generation and as you say he’s very personable. I also like that idea that as a Main Street merchant he’s vested in making the downtown area better and will want things to happen. He’s had the perfect window on Main Street to assess how things are going and identify the things that need to be done to make it better.

    We’ll see. Thanks for updating us with your thoughts.

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