New Local Blog, the Watershed Chronicle, Posts About the Publishing Industry

We located a lively new local blog this evening, the Watershed Chronicle.  While it’s a new site, a couple of its postings, focusing on the media (locally and the larger market) caught our attention.   At one point the author mentioned how the “experts, as it were, are beginning to trumpet the need to appeal to the audience.”  What a revelation, indeed!  The writer goes on to talk about some of the emerging sites in Cecil County in the blogosphere.  Our readers interested in this subject should check out the postings and we’ll keep an eye on the Watershed Chronicle to see how it develops. 

Also here’s an earlier piece we wrote on the value proposition for local newspapers, which may interest readers concentrating on this topic.

We’re pleased to welcome the Watershed Chronicle to the blogopshere and we hope to see many more active, quality citizen journalism sites.  Readers still want news and if the newspapers aren’t going to deliver it, someone is going to seize the market opportunity, since those well-paid publishers couldn’t figure out that cutting back on the news content was exactly the wrong formula.


6 responses to “New Local Blog, the Watershed Chronicle, Posts About the Publishing Industry

  1. Well, it is obvious that this “new” blog is by Dan Meadows, who has written some stuff for you on this blog, edits a maritime magazine and works for a politically connected vet in port deposit. So why not identify who it is who is writing this “new” blog? Not a criticism of you, Mike, but just a suggestion so that your readers who don’t connect the dots on their own can be informed…

  2. OOPS, instead of port make that Perryville…

  3. Louise,

    Yes, I am the editor of The Mariner and I also am a tech for the Pet Wellness Center which has a Port Deposit address even though we’re located about midway between Port and Rising Sun off of Tome Highway. As far as politically connected goes, I’ve worked there for nine months and I have yet to see anything remotely political going on. Maybe you’re referring to the fact that Deanne Gutman of Wonmore Kennels who happens to be on the county commissioner’s task force about the SPCA brings her animals to us for care. I’ve seen Deanne many times as she’s a regular client, and have never had so much as a conversation with her about it. We have no connection whatsoever to the task force or anything like it. In fact, I’ve been pretty outspoken about the fact that I believe the SPCA needs to be gutted and started over but I also don’t expect anyone with the authority to do anything about it, which has been pretty much proven true at this point. I still maintain that the best course of action is for those of us in the community that want real change need to do it ourselves, and found our own kennel and give the commissioners a real option for getting rid of the SPCA blight. And even though I do currently collect a paycheck for my work with The Mariner from Chesapeake Publishing, which also owns the Whig, I haven’t been shy in my criticism of them as well, as Mike will tell you. If annoying the people I work for makes me politically connected, then I guess I’m guilty. I don’t have any sneaky behind the scenes motivations, I’m just a writer with a lot of things to say looking for outlets to say them. If anyone wants to know anything about me, just ask. I’ll be around.

    Dan Meadows

  4. Dan, No offense to you was intended. I apologize for thinking it was the Perryville vet you worked for, not another facility in Port.
    I never said anything about your having political ties, but someone else in Perryville does.
    I was just asking Mike to make the connection, since you had written on his blog, for his readers so they would be able to figure out that this new blog was from someone whose writing here had been read by many. Nice to see that you are continuing your observations on media on your own blog.

  5. Louise,

    No problem. I apologize myself for being a little touchy. I’d had a troubling morning and I read your comment like it was accusing me of some kind of shady deal. Totally my fault. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been kinda demonized, so I jumped to completely unfounded conclusions. I realized not long after I wrote it that I had neglected to put my own name on the new site. I’ve since rectified that, even putting up an email address. I think you’re thinking of Dr. Carletti in Perryville. I work for Dr. Twardus, who’s about as far from politically motivated as anyone I’ve ever met. I actually asked her yesterday if she was politically connected and she thought about it for a minute, then said, “Well, I had my picture taken with Joe Biden when I was 8 years old. Does that count?” I think it shows my contempt for politicians when I take the term “politically connected” as a slap in the face. I’ve been tossing the whole deal around in my head since yesterday and am in the process of writing something up about the dangers of jumping to conclusions, and how sometimes tenuous connections can be misread, by myself as much as anyone else. If the future of information is going to be outside the mainstream publishing industry and its checks and balances on fact checking, one of the most important things we have to do is watch ourselves closely and be certain all of our ducks are in a row before we lob accusations at anyone. I don’t have a personal ombudsman like the New York Times journalists do, nor do I imagine many other online writers, so it makes it that much more essential to be above board and verify, verify, verify before shooting our collective mouths off. Otherwise, we just give traditional media fodder for dismissing us as amateur hacks. Thanks again, and I’ll be nicer next time. Promise.

  6. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Louise, by the powers invested in me by the Maryland Department of Education, I hearby appoint you THE OFFICIAL DOT CONNECTOR!

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