Ghosts in the House?

pictures 190

This photo of a centuries old house in Elkton, which some say is haunted, was snapped in the middle of the night.  After the photographer pulled the image off his digital camera sometime later, he was surprised to see what appears to be a ghostly image of a person in the 2nd floor window.   Curious about the unexpected imagery, he forwarded it to the area’s popular storyteller Ed Okonowicz and we came across it in that way.  We too can see something there, so we forwarded it to Cecil Paranomal, a thoroughly professional group of ghost hunters, for a more critical examination.  Are there ghosts in the house?  Perhaps we’ll have a little more information on this for you soon.  We’ve heard rumors that the group is going to be doing a special program at a haunted property in the Elkton area and if details on that happening are provided to Someone Noticed, we’ll post it here to help promote the project.


2 responses to “Ghosts in the House?

  1. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Wait a minute…thats no ghost, THATS MY EX-WIFE! I was wondering where she went off to!

  2. This is not a ghost. When I enlarged the picture, you can tell it is a cluster of water or dust spots. Larger water / dust spots are scattered in the picture elsewhere. I frequently get these same type of spots when my camera is dirty or when there is a lot of dust or water in the air and I am taking pictures. Sorry, no ghosts there.

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