Watershed Chronicles: Full Disclosure

From the Watershed Chronicles

By Dan Meadows

Recently, I found that I had been somewhat accused of being politically connected.   At least I thought I had been, anyway.  Being one who had thought I ‘d learned to think before I spoke, I immediately wrote a reply which disputed the “allegation” which turned out to be nothing more than an innocent request for identifying who I was.  Besides looking like an idiot, especially considering I had neglected to put my name on this site anywhere, the experience got me thinking.

How many times do we misread things and leap to false conclusions?  I took the term politically connected as a slight of some sort, without properly absorbing the context before my reply.  So I thought about what political connections I possibly could have had.  Well, as I mentioned in my reply, we do treat Deanne Gutman of Wonmore Kennels and SPCA Task Force member’s animals.  One of our occasional vet techs used to work for Commissioner Hodge back before he was a commissioner.  Hell, I had even briefly dated the daughter of another one of the the current commissioners a while back.   I’m also pretty sure that one of my relatives had been represented by Mike Smigiel a few years ago, when he was just a Main Street Elkton lawyer and not a fast-track politician.   And, in my publishing career, I’ve had several articles appear in the Cecil Whig.  None of these things has any relevance to anything, but to someone looking for a connection, there are “ties” to two Cecil County Commissioners, a State Delegate, the county’s SPCA Task Force, and the local paper.  Hmm, maybe I’m connected after all.

Article Continues on Watershed Chronicles


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