Rainbows and Outages in Cecil County This Evening


After a series of strong thunderstorms swept through Cecil County this Sunday evening,  over 12,000 of Delmarva Power’s 44,000 customers have reported outages to the company.  As the storm passed off into lower New Castle County, a number of spectacular rainbows were reported in various places around Cecil.  A tug in transit through the canal radioed the Army Corps of Engineers dispatcher in Chesapeake City saying that he was watching a beautiful scene out toward Bethel Cemetery.  “There’s lightning flashing off in the distance and two rainbows up ahead,” he reported to the Chesapeake City marine dispatcher.

Delmarva Power and Light maintains a real time service so patrons may check on outages.  A clip of the map (below) from that web site highlight areas where service is interrupted.  It’s address on the web is http://www.delmarva.com/home/emergency/maps/stormcenter/.

dpl aug 09 6 710 pm


3 responses to “Rainbows and Outages in Cecil County This Evening

  1. Weather Watcher TD

    I am surprised that nobody is commenting on the wrath of last night’s storm. It left a lot of homes without power even this morning. OR is the comments being squelched because the power company is no longer being proactive and going around and cutting down limbs of trees that will cause problems instead of just cleaning up the mess after it caused problems!!!
    Four years ago I saw them constantly cutting down overhanging limbs before the limbs caused problems. Now I see them constantly cleaning up and we have many more outages.

  2. Stunning photo!

  3. Awesome photo. We took one on 272 and could see a double rainbow.
    We sure do have power isssues though. When we first lost power, it was 3 hours before it came back, then went out again until this morning?

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