Spy is Keeping an Eye on Draft Comprehensive Plan

An online Kent County news source, the Chestertown Spy, has provided excellent reporting on the matter of updating the Queen Anne’s County Comprehensive Plan. In a five-part series. “Queen Anne’s Scary Plan,” the Spy has thoroughly examined the entire process and the installments were followed with an editorial, “Kent and Anne.”

Here’s part of how the Spy contrasted the differences on the Upper Shore: “Kent County, on the other hand, was making some very good choices during the same period of time. Through foresight, stubbornness, timing, and some luck, Kent was able to hold off major land development while the county (under the inspired leadership of some unique people) thoughtfully prepared for future growth. Developers and land speculators, who had benefited from the open door, “let’s make a deal” world of QAC, found out that Kent County’s historic reputation of being difficult was well deserved. Given this background, the news that there is now significant opposition to the current working draft of Queen Anne’s comprehensive plan update isn’t surprising. Nor is it shocking that there have been misunderstandings, confusion, and a general call to arms by all interested parties.” Click here to go to the editorial.

Since Cecil County is going through the same process as it contemplates enormous growth over the next twenty years and updates its comprehensive plan, we thought our readers might found a case study from an adjoining county informative.  Especially since we’ve had no in-depth reporting  on this important political process from all of our print media outlets here in Cecil County.  They’re either too busy providing infomercials for the politicians are they just don’t dig into the important subjects and ask a few challenging questions.

The County is projected to grow by almost 50 percent by 2030, from 103,800 to 155,000, faster than any other MD county, according to a county brochure describing the process.  Maintaining the County’s agricultural industry and rural character and creating employment and
economic development are some of the key challenges the committee is charged with addressing.

The Spy says it intends to “provide robust coverage of government, culture and community in a creative and responsible way to answer the region’s need for information.”  It’s keeping an eye on things on its beat, Kent County.  Hopefully someone in Cecil County will see the value of providing “robust coverage of government” and quality content someday.


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