Stopping the Newspaper Death March

Stopping the Newspaper Death March

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An article by John C. Dvorak, published in PC Magazine, examines how the newspaper death march could be stopped.  It also reviews how large publishers hastened their problems by failing to pay attention to change and new realities. Since we often talk about the problems with local print publishers, where there’s shallow content, infomercials for politicians, or simply a failure to cover the beat, we found the piece informative and thought readers might be interested in the column.

We believe there’s an enormous market opportunity in Cecil County for a publisher willing to provide in-depth, quality content.  But it can’t consist of informercials for politicans and businesses or light features.  Readers want articles that dig deeply into matters as the online journal, the Chestertown Spy is doing in Kent County.  They want reporters to get around to asking a few challenging, follow-up questions.  It’s a crowded print field for that end of the publisher’s business model in Cecil, but no one is competing on the higher end.   One or two online journals have popped up in Cecil, which we thought had great potential, such as the Cecil Times, but those bloggers haven’t published in a long time.  Someone, someday will see the business opportunity and seize it.



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