Those blogs keep sprouting up all over Cecil this summer

We watched as a cluster of blogs sprang to life in Cecil County in 2009 and we’ve announced the creation of each one. Recently another newcomer to the blogosphere came to our attention. This one published by the Elkton Alliance joins a growing list of e-content publishers in the county.  Our announcement is a little late since it was created in March, but without a press release about its creation or a link from the nonprofit’s homepage it was hard to locate. Whatever the case, it’s been  added to Someone Noticed’s front-page so it’ll be easier for readers to find.

Weblogs are excellent ways to efficiently distribute news in the 21st century as print publications provide less coverage, so we’re glad to see the Alliance is coming on board by using this web 2.0 tool to promote downtown revitalization.   “Becoming Main Street 2.0” was the subject of this year’s National Main Street Conferenelkton alliance aug 08 12 09 8 pm frontce in Chicago where they showcased technologies such as this for the Main Street Manager’s attending the conference.

It has a professional appearance, providing the right message for the Elkton Main Street program.  The contents it contains thus far would have been insightful, too, if we’d located it earlier since it has details about the senior housing project and such.  The last one they posted on May 14 was on the community garden. 

One suggestion we offer any blogger or publisher is focus on content.  Whether it is legacy print or new media, we tell everyone the same thing. If you want readers, provide valued content. Once you begin taking care of content, things will fall in place.  Hopefully we’ll see more updates on the site to help keep all of us informed about the progress, challenges, opportunities, successes, and the obstacles downtown.  As they publish copy, readers will start surfing over for information about downtown.

Revitalization of our town centers all across the nation is important and requires careful planning and focus.  The blog can provide a way to build support and market the organization’s programming.  We’ll look forward to being kept informed.


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