One Rezoning Change Approved, One Turned Down

In a unanimous vote the commissioners voted to allow a rezoning change for two adjoining parcels of property.  On the 2nd more controversial parcel identified as the Lewis property on Gilpin Ave., the chair, Commissioner Givens, asked for a motion to approve the fire company’s rezoning request,   Since none was forthcoming the fire company’s rezoning request was denied.

We’ll provide a more insightful report on this over the next day or so, but want to get this brief posted announcing the outcome of the public hearing.


7 responses to “One Rezoning Change Approved, One Turned Down

  1. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Those stupid Mayor and Commissioners made a smart decision for once in their lives! Those STUPID firefighters at Singerly don’t need a new firehouse!

  2. That might be a little harsh crazy history teacher. The place was built in the 1970s when Elkton had just over 5,000 people and the calls have increased from 3 a day to about 18 a day. That’s a big increase and Ekton has grown. Anyone can see that.

    In fact, the neighbors made it very clear that they weren’t against the fire company. The larger issue was creating an exit in a residential area for the banquet hall and the affect that would have on a stable residential community.

    You have to prove that there’s a change in the neighborhood or an error in the original zoning. The neighborhood did an excellent job arguing those two legal questions. The fire company presened some arguments about the changes and errors in the zoning, but they weren’t enought to convince the town board. More of their members testified about the public safety value of the fire company, additionally, but the neighbors generally responded that they weren’t questioning the value and need for a fire company.

  3. I had the priveledge of testifying at the hearing. My point was that the firemen live [and must respond from] in residential zones and the people we protect, live and sleep in residential zones. However, the Town of Elkton, unlike Cecil County, does not permit you to construct a Firehouse in a residential zone. The county has a seperate classification for ‘Firehouse with Assembly Hall’.

  4. Mike:

    Scotty thanks for posting on Someone Noticed. As I watched your presentation I thought you were makinga particularly relevant points, ones that addressed the questions that had to be considered if a rezoning was going to be approved. To not permit fire stations in residential areas, as you said, seems to be unsual since you want such facilities for protection and your volunteers come from there. Especially in light of the fact that Elkton’s old code permitted such use and the county still does. I was surprised some of the other fire company spokespeople didn’t address that, to support an error in the zoning maps.

  5. To the crazy history teacher…STUPID firefighters? Hope you don’t need them . Coal in your stocking at Christmas.

  6. Santa: A little time has passed since you’ve surfered over to Someone Noticed. We thought perhaps you were getting busy up at the North Pole workshop with fall coming on.

    As for your feedback to that old history teacher be nice. From what we heard at the town meeting, those volunteers would look out for old history teacher, even if he disagreed with them.

    We thought the teacher was being overly hard on the volunteer firefighters too and we mentioned that to him. Since their facility is about 40 years old, there has been tremendous growth in Elkton. He sort of missed the point, for even the neighbors weren’t arguing about that. They were worried about the impact of the social hall on the neighborhood.

    Crazy old history teacher gets in a few arguments out in the blogosphere. We’ve seen some of commentaries on some of the other blogs around Cecil County, but he’s one of our most regular contributors in the comments section! He has an opinion on just about everything.

    Heck he even nominated one of our readers the official “dot connector” in an exchange with another contributor.

  7. Mike and Crazy “Young” History Teacher,
    Yes, Mr. Crazy nominated me as the official ‘dot connector’ a while back… As you both know, at one point a long time ago I took offense at some of Mr. Crazy’s over the top comments but I have come to love his unusual take on things. He has a knack for making me laugh and consider a different way of looking at things with his usually brief, pointed and cut to the chase comments.
    Long may he comment, and this blog publish his observations… come back, kangeroo face…

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