In Their Own Words: Commissioners Vote on Fire Company Rezoning Request

Click on the microphone to hear the audio of the meeting

Last Wednesday evening, the Mayor and Commissioner, were asked to consider rezoning property for the Singerly Fire Company. The fire company was out in force with all of its apparatus and a large number of members as it argued points to justify a rezoning request. The legal question the commissioners had to weigh was did a mistake exist in the original zoning or were there significant changes in the neighborhood.

Our daily newspaper, the Cecil Whig, had thorough coverage of the meeting the next morning in a piece titled “Firefighters bring battle to town hall.” That prompt piece thoroughly and accurately captured the public hearing, we thought. Since the coverage was complete in the newspaper and in real time blogging, about the only additional content we can add is an audio piece. So our readers may hear the final deliberations of the board.

Three commissioners voted since Mayor Fisona and Commissioner Storke abstained from participating in the process because they volunteer with the organization. Commissioner Givens chaired the meeting and you will hear him saying it is 8:30 and this public hearing is closed. Next Commissioner Jablonski asks a question about the Route 40 fire station and fire company president, Don Hicks, responds. Then Commissioner Piner makes general remarks before the chair calls for the vote. The rezoning of one property was approved, but the rezoning of the 2nd one, the more controversial parcel, died when it failed to receive a motion for consideration.


4 responses to “In Their Own Words: Commissioners Vote on Fire Company Rezoning Request

  1. Hi Mike:
    My sound card must be damaged because I have no sound, so I can’t hear the tape, but doesn’t Commissioner Piner suggest that Commercial zoning on Bridge St. be extended to Dogwood Road? That’s my recollection from the meeting.

  2. Scotty:

    He said the commercial property extends all the way up to Dogwood Road. I think he was speaking about what’s presently there?

    Give you sound card a try again. I was posting it about the time you were reading the post, so I may not have had all the links working.

  3. Mike:
    He’s incorrect. The commercial properties on Bridge St., north of Rt. 279 on the East side, only extend 2-3 properties north of the Deli, with the exception of the newly rezoned fire company access parcel.
    The sound was caput prior to your post. Thanks anyway.

  4. Scotty:

    thanks for pointing this out.

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