Appointment to Historic District Approved by Split Vote

Since two citizens applied to fill the opening on the historic architectural review committee (HARC), the board spent a good bit of time sorting through the matter of selecting one of them to serve on the committee.  The mayor advised that Mark Clark, a local architect, best met the credentialing requirements for HARC since individuals should be “qualified by special interest, knowledge or training . . . .   He has the qualifications and has served on a lot of town boards so I am  recommending him.” 

Commissioner Givens commented, “We talk about volunteerism and you can’t get people but yet you have someone who is a lay volunteer.  Wouldn’t that be a move you’d want to make?”  “I was just going by the regulations,” the mayor explained but the commissioner added the paragraph you read is just part of the requirements.  “How many times is he going to be involved in a project that’s going to require him to excuse himself?” Commissioner Storke wondered.  “You can’t argue with his qualifications (Mark) that’s for sure but the committee discussed a replacement and they recommended this other person.”   

Commissi0ner Jablonski supported the mayor’s nomination.  “I don’t believe there’s an architect or an urban design person on the committee. . . .  I think his qualifications fit . . . better than the other party.”  But “Sometimes you can have the best committee and you learn as you go along” as we did when we came to this board Commissioner Givens continued.  “This committee is about historic preservation and you do have qualifications,” Commissioner Jablonski emphasized.

Commissioner Jablonski motioned to appoint Mark Clark, but after a period of silence the motion died for lack of a second so the discussion started over again.   After mentioning that Linda Griffith was the other nominee, Commissioner Storke motioned that she receive the appointment.  Commissioner Piner wondered if they shouldn’t hear from the committee before making a decision and Commissioner Storke noted that the committee had unanimously recommended Linda.  With that Commissioner Givens seconded the motion and when the question was called three commissioners clearly voted in favor (Givens, Pinner and Storke), while Commissioner Jablonski voted opposed the appointment.

Nomination Results in Unusual Vote Alignment

This was a a rare alignment of votes for the Elkton council.  Commissioner Piner and Mayor Fisona almost always support Commissioner Jablonski.  In fact, this may be the first time Commissioner Piner has not supported her lead.  Sitting in the audience this evening we’re unsure if the mayor voted in favor of Linda or abstained.  It wasn’t clear from an audience vantage point, but it was clear that three of the town’s leader voted to approve the motion.


2 responses to “Appointment to Historic District Approved by Split Vote

  1. Joe and earl not voting with Mary Jo. They always follow whatever she wants. What happened. You didn’t make a mistake on this world wide web site did you.

  2. No Fred we didn’t make a mistake on the vote and you’re right it’s a very unsual aligmment.

    We believe Commissioner Piner has always voted with Commissioner Jablonski on every thing. Perhaps we missed something, but it isn’t much.

    Mayor Fisonia isn’t too far from that standard, too. We recall one that that he went another way with his vote and that was when Commissioner Jablonski was pushing to replace two field positions in the police department with two management positions. In that instance, he sided with Commissioner Storke, but we think that’s the only time that’s happen.

    Thus we’re not sure what was up with the alignment on this particular evening, but that’s the way it played out on a Wednesday night in downtown Elkton.

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