Cecil County Young Republican Club Blog — The Big GOP Debate!

From the Cecil County Young Republican Club Blog ——

The real important question the GOP is facing right now is the question of unity. There are some in our party, including several of our Cecil County Central Committee members, who advocate that unity at all costs is the priority.

In can’t ascribe motives or personally beliefs to anyone, but at times, I have come to wonder if there are those that believe that winning an election is more important than standing on principles. There is one major problem with this statement: it assumes that in order to win elections, conservatives and the GOP specifically has to move to the left on the political spectrum in order to win over independents.  I believe this is a false and mistaken notion. Just turn on your TVs or go to your next Tea Party, and its easy to see that overall, this nation is a nation of hard-working, independent, entrepreneurial people who overall, don’t want more government meddling in everyday life. As the news headlines over the last 10 months have shown, even big-time powerful Liberals in Washington don’t like to pay more taxes (never mind what they say…look at what they do) and avoid doing so every chance they get.

But we are NOT going to win elections as a conservative party until our elected officials start behaving and leading from the right! In Cecil County, this means that our GOP majority on County Commissioners board need to start acting like a majority.

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