Judy’s Java Is Missed In Dowtown Elkton, But Here’s a Chance to Get Together Again

Over at the Cecil Observer they’ve posted a piece alerting anyone who misses that fine little coffee house, Judy’s Java, in downtown Elkton that there’s going to be a chance to gather again. The former owner, Kathy Wareham, is hosting a “Break Bread & Jam” at the Pleasant Hill Worship Center in Childs this Saturday evening, Sept. 26. It is a spectacular evening of food, fantastic music and fellowship. 

We agree with the Observer for we really miss Judy’s Java.  It was such a wonderful place to meet visitors in the county seat or the place to get together with friends over a cup of coffee. It was our regular hangout and we’ve been lost in downtown Elkton without the ambiance created by Kathy and the fine staff. David ended his piece by saying “How sad that Elkton couldn’t support a decent coffee shop.”  

As for us we wrote in March 2009, “We were saddened to learn at the town meeting this evening that our favoritage hangout in downtown Elkton, Judy’s Java, closed. . . . It had the right atmosphere and ambiance, something for Elkton to be proud of.  Such fine coffeehouses are usually found in college towns and places that have lots of toursists like North EAst.  Such gathering spots are an important ingredient in revitlaizing a town, a place for the community to gather and meeting.  We’ll miss Judy’s Java and the great staff of young people providing excellent service and converation in Elkton.  Thanks Kathy, Shannon and Sharon and the entire gang for an excellent two years.”  Click here for our full article on the closing of Judy’s Java.

Historian and retired educator Milt Diggins posted a thoughtful piece on Someone Noticed soon after the coffee house closed.  Click here to read his piece.  Such gathering places are an essential part of rebuilding a downtown community, but the economics changed so much once the county courthouse moved out of town.

Whatever the case, perhaps this is an excellent opportunity to get together again.  Thanks David for letting us know about this.


One response to “Judy’s Java Is Missed In Dowtown Elkton, But Here’s a Chance to Get Together Again

  1. Crazy Old History Teacher

    WELL, WELL, WELL, WELL, WELL…if it isn’t Milt Diggins again! I remember him! If I remember correctly, he taught at Perryville Middle School. I’m pretty sure he was the teacher that I heard wore the bumble bee costume to school every Halloween. My memory may be a little fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure that was him.

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