Now Playing on You Tube, the Mayor & Commissioners of Elkton

Well it’s official.  The Mayor and Commissiones are now playing on You Tube on the “Elkton Channel.”

The long discussed matter of whether Elkton municipal government should take a leap into the 21st century digital age was finally settled when the Board adopted an “electronic viewing at town meetings” policy on Sept 16.  It states the municipality will post a maximum of four meetings on the Internet.  Commissioner Jablonski served as the advocate for this valuable public service. 

We just finished our first viewing over on You Tube’s “Town of Elkton Channel” and found it to be helpful.  The only suggestion we have is that the town post the digital recordation as soon as possible since the last one archived for streaming is Sept. 16th.  The idea is to increase citizen participation in the governmental process and enable the public to provide feedback in the decision making process so it’s important to stream the digital recording in as timely a fashion as possible.

Click here to go to the Elkton Channel on You Tube.

elkton 1


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