New Cecil County Publication Competes For Classified Market Against Chesapeake Publishing

From the Watershed Chronicle

The Changing Face of Local Publishing

Everyone knows by now that the publishing industry is in a period of massive flux.  Revenue (and circulation) have fallen off precipitously, and the increasing presence of the internet has proved to be one more giant conundrum faced by corporations whose long-standing livelihood is dependent on being “the” location for information.  Cut-backs and layoffs have been well-documented, and the transition to any future at all has been filled with obstacles.  Recently, we’ve seen the results of some of these changes in the local industry, and I’d like to discuss a couple of those.

Also, if you’ll notice, I’ve placed a collection of links to various print publication websites on the side-bar.  This is by no means a complete list, and it will no doubt grow as I do a little research.  Basically, it’s the ones I could think of off the top of my head.  This area, for being a former rural, agricultural community, is very rich in print publications.

As I was leaving the grocery store last evening, I picked up a copy of the newest entrant in the local print advertising fray, the Better Bargains Advertiser.  This new shopper (strictly classified and display advertising, no content to speak of) is being published by the people who bring you Cecil Soil Magazine. The Better Bargains Advertiser is clearly chasing the market that has long been owned by The Bargaineer, produced and distributed by Chesapeake Publishing. 

Article Continues on Watershed Chronicle


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