Turn to the web for up-to-date Cecil County Weather

There’s no telling what’s ahead for the upcoming season here at the top of the Chesapeake Bay.  But as old man winter gets a grip on the area and those cold blustery winds have us bundling up, we tend to place a greater emphasis on the current weather forecast. Not too long ago in Cecil County, there were only a few places to turn for the latest prediction. The daily newspaper contained an outdated forecast from the previous evening. The more popular place was the local television news broadcast, but you had to make sure you were in front of the tube at the right time. Eventually the weather channel came along to provide a steady stream of data, which was a big improvement.

But these days we have access to practically personal forecasts and massive amount of weather data on demand through a range of platforms. The best of these sites uses the web to deliver up-to-date Cecil County specific data, such as current conditions, hourly and 15-day forecasts, as well as lots of radar images and maps. The interactive radars on these web pages are highly functional and helpful when tracking that fast moving thunderstorm or watching that slow moving winter storm make its way across the county since you’re able to zoom down to your town.

It’s just one more example of how the delivery of information has changed in Cecil County. It’s free and the immediacy of the Internet lends itself to such changing information in a way that no other medium can for it streams data as fast as the values changes.

The government, the originator of practically all the data which is repackaged and resold by commercial providers, has most of its information online, but there are other places too. Here are some we find helpful for better quality local information.

http://weatherunderground.com The Weather Underground is an excellent site with plenty of information. It also has great radar capability allowing you to zoom in on portions of Cecil County. It’s our regular portal for forecasts.

http://www.intellicast.com – Great radar graphics and forecasts.

www.accuweather.com – This is the major commercial weather service and its forecasts are a strength. 

http://elktonweather.com – Ed Hoffman’s Elkton Weather page streams just about any type of local weather values one could think of. He collects the data at an observation station in the Elkton area and streams all those values live online. In addition, there are graphs plotting the change over time and lots of maps and graphs. We check this one out often too, more for its local observation’s strengths.

This is the Weather Underground radar showing a severe thunderstorm rushing across the county on Aug. 2, 2009

This Weather Underground Radar image shows a severe thunderstorm charging across the county on Aug 2, 2009


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