Elkton Alliance Opens 1st Artist Co-Op, Area Media Outlets Report

The Elkton Alliance is testing a new strategy to stimulate the revitalization of Main Street, the Cecil Whig and the Cecil Guardian are reporting.  In the downtown arts and entertainment district, the Alliance has opened an artists co-op shop, which presently contians six artists.  “The idea came” to Commissioner Jablonski “after she heard about one in Cambridge, MD,” the Cecil Whig reported.  Once an ideal downtown property was located, the town’s revitalization organization rented the facility so they could facilitate space and cost sharing arrangements for artists.  The co-op will last through December and then the Alliance will review the program’s success and decide whether to continue the strategy.  In the Whig she also mentioned that this business model is successful in Cambridge.

We’re pleased to see an attempt to test new strategies such as this initiative, which seeds starts-ups on Main Street.  Plus we’ve seen how successful Cambridge has been with its Main Street program.  Visit downtown Cambridge next time you’re down that way and see an fine old, historic Main Street with a number of great restaurants.

Click here to go to full article on the Cecil Guardian


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