An Exchange Between Legacy Media and New Media Publishers

From the Watershed Chronicle

Department of Reader Response

During the short time I’ve been doing this website, I’ve had a few comments from people, mostly good, some not so much.  Normally, if I feel they call for a reply, I just keep the thread going under whatever post they were commenting on.  Earlier today, I received a comment that calls for a little more thorough response, however.

It’s from Art Golden.  For those of you who don’t know, Art is the General Manager for Nor’easter Magazine, a place I helped found and used to work for.  Apparently, Art took a little umbrage at my recent criticism of Nor’easter’s cost-cutting moves. Here’s what he had to say, as it appeared in all it’s unedited glory:

“Dan…you’re right, anyone with a computer, too much free time, and “half a brain,” can set up a website and ramble on about any old thing that crosses their mind…and even make falsh claims. You really should do some fact checking before making alligations or you’re the one that will come out smelling like a skink. As far as layoffs are concerne, your right, they stink. But like it our not, they are a part of what businesses must do save their franchise. Remember, its business, not personnal!”

Oh, where to begin?  Article continues on the Watershed Chronicle.  Click here.


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