Wes Walkers Files for Mayor of Elkton; Says Central Business District Needs Help

Wes Walker became the first candidate to file as a candidate for the mayor’s post in Elkton in 2010, two county newspapers reported this week.  As Someone Noticed observed in July there’s a growing political buzz around the upcoming election.  The chatter on Main Street has it that four or five additional office-seekers are going to file, including the incumbent and former mayors.  Also up this spring are the commissioners seats presently held by Mary Jo Jablonski, the Elkton Alliance Director, and Gary Storke.

Walker is making the revitalization of the central business district a central platform in his campaign.  Taking note of the “18 vacant commercial properties in town,” he told the Cecil Whig, “I’d like to bring more business downtown.”  In a much more comprehensive interview in the Cecil Guardian, he added:  “In 2006-2007 Elkton officials were excited by the fact that vacant storefronts were full and that Elkton was becoming a future ‘hotspot’ with growth potential.  Just drive through town and look at the large amount of for rent, for sale, and going out of business signs.  Elkton is failing as an area that appeals to business owners and visitors alike,” Walker remarked.

A strong central business district is important to the critical to the quality of life in any community and as a Main Street businessperson Walker has a front row seat on how things are going.  When the county administrative offices relocated to the Delaware State Line in January 2008, taking nearly 200 workers with them, the Rising Sun Herald wrote:  “Brothers Pizza isn’t the only food business that has been impacted by the relocation of the county offices. Wes Walker runs the Main Street Cafe across from the courthouse. ‘We’ve been hit hard here. I can tell the volume of sales is down. I am hoping that it will turn around,’ said Walker. He said he hopes that the Elkton Chamber/Alliance work to promote businesses. Walker said that he is grateful to the remaining employees, court workers and jurors that still turn out to eat. ‘The food is great and people still come,’ said Walker.”

Mayor Fisona is wrapping up his second term as the town’s leader.  When he ran for office, he made revitalization of the town center one of his top priorities.  Commissioner Jablonski serves as the executive director of the agency providing leadership in the revitalization of Main Street.


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