Town Settles 3rd Lawsuit for $140,000 With ACLU

The town has settled another lawsuit with the ACLU, Mayor Fisona reported.  Meeting Ground sued the town last year saying it was hindering the church and its members from practicing their faith.  A federal judge granted an injunction against the town in October 2008, allowing the Mary Randall Center to open.  Elkton was pay $140,000 to Meeting Ground, the Mayor remarked. 

About this time last year the town settled another ACLU lawsuit, paying eight homeless people $7,5000 apiece over bulldozing of their campsite and the loss of their personal belongings.  The Council also voted unanimously to rescind an anti-loitering ordinance that had caused the suit.  In addiiton, there was another earlier suit.

Most area media outlets are carrying stories the settlement this evening.


3 responses to “Town Settles 3rd Lawsuit for $140,000 With ACLU

  1. Tonight’s meeting must have been very interesting. How will the suits affect the upcomming local elections?

  2. Silence Nogood: Not sure the ACLU situation will have that great of an influence, but the subject of the fee transfer and the way it was handled has energized the election talk. And there was a great deal of it underway already, with some four people indicating they were going to go after Mayor Fisona’s seat this time.

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