We’re Covering the Town Meeting Live

It’s Wednesday evening and the Elkton Town Council is in session. We’re covering the meeting live and if news breaks out we’ll move the headline story in real-time and follow it with a more detailed article afterwards. The entire council is present and there are 15 people in the audience. We notice that Wes Walker, a candidate for mayor, is in the audience this evening.   In addition, according to the talk we’re hearing down on Main Streets, others in the audience are interested in assuming the leadership position in town.  Someone Noticed is the only media present at the meeting in the county seat so we’ll be sure to report on the session in order to inform the public.


2 responses to “We’re Covering the Town Meeting Live

  1. Way to go Mike. At least some responsible reporting party is interested in the town affairs. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Scotty. I’m just surprised the Whig doesn’t see local news content at town meetings as a way to sell newspapers. Guess that’s too logical for the publishers to want to provide controversial content that is in the public interest. I always try to keep it balanced and share both viewpoints, but some don’t see that. That’s Okay.

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