We’re Still Working to Catch Up on All the News From the Mayor & Commissioners

Last evenings meeting was packed with news items and there was lots of action to go along with that.  Since Someone Noticed was the only media there (new or legacy) we’re working as hard as we can to get all of it published and we’ll continue producing the stories. 

It was an unusually tense meeting and the wishes of “Merry Christmas” from the commissioners did little to lighten the mood as the meeting closed.  Once the formal session was over people broke into clusters buzzing about the actions they had either participated in or observed as they headed to separate corners of the room.

We’ll produce an editorial on this just as soon as we get most of the news published.  Surely this is not the way you want to do these things.  It would be much better for the Mayor and Commissioners to put lots of sunshine on their activities so citizens aren’t surprised by actions.  Then, after making sure everyone has had a chance to be heard, they can vote they way they feel, but it will have helped them to have heard the citizens.  Perhaps the citizens have a viewpoint that will help them make a better decision.  Whether that’s the case or not, the public will have had a chance to air its concerns.  We’ll say a lot more, carefully thought out words along those lines soon.

Meanwhile, back to working on the news since we have to cover town meetings alone.  There are four newspapers taking care of the Cecil County beat, but there’s virutally no content on the more important public policy matters the town addresses since print reporters don’t attend the meetings.  When they rarely cover something, they have to ask the politicans to tell them what happened.


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