WILMAPCO Recommends Solutions for Rerouting Trucks From Downtown

ELKTON TOWN HALL, Dec. 16 — Since the Elkton Streetscape project was completed, the town has been challenged with keeping big tractor trailers off Main Street in the business district.  Reduced room to turn at Main and North streets caused some of them to collide with fire hydrants or signs and the lucky ones just needed police assistance backing out of the tighter intersection.  Once the problem was recognized the town put in place heavy truck restrictions and installed signs warning commercial drivers.

Still the problem persisted so the town engaged WILMAPCO to do a complete signage study. (Click here to go to the full study.)  The aim of that investigation was to come up with solutions to ease truck traffic in the town’s center.  At the Dec. 16 meeting, WILMAPCO presented its report to the mayor and commissioners.  The recommendations were as follows:

  • The town should considering signing and enforcing truck restrictions on additional, municipal streets;
  • The State Highway Administration should adjust route signage along MD 279 to direct through trucks to continue on 279 to U.S. 40.
  • The town should request that providers of GPS units reroute trucks around downtown.

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