ACLU is Picking on Elkton, Mayor Fisona Tells Newspaper

At the town meeting on Dec. 16, Mayor Joseph Fisona informed the public that the town had agreed to settle a suit with the American Civil Liberties Union for $140,000.  “If we pursued the situation, our attorney advised us it would cost one heck of a lot more and our insurance company took care of it and handled the expenses,” the mayor told the audience.  This is the town’s third suit with the ACLU.

In covering the story the next day, The Cecil Whig wrote that the mayor felt like the ACLU was picking on the town.  “We’ve only tried to make the town a better place for its citizens.  Unfortunately, they don’t see it that way,” he was quoted as saying.  The ACLU’s Deborah Jeon responded:  “Elkton certainly has had more than its share of issues involving the homeless, but no one ever forced them to reach an agreement with us.  The town could have pursued these cases in court but in each instance they decided [to] negotiate a resolution of their own.”  Click here to go to the Cecil Whig article.


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