Cecil Times: Food Aid Rising in Cecil County: 11% Get Help

From Cecil Times ——

Federal food stamps are now used by about 11 percent of  Cecil County residents, up from about 10 percent of county residents just a few months ago, according to state data. The indicators show the impact of the recession is still growing in Cecil County, even as some economic forecasters project that the economy is improving.

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4 responses to “Cecil Times: Food Aid Rising in Cecil County: 11% Get Help

  1. Interesting information here. My church is getting a lot of calls from people who need some food to get thru to the end of the month. It is so sad that in this great country we have hungry people!

  2. Louise:

    Yes, Cecil Times does excellent pieces. There’s such a gap in news content that drills into subject matters in Cecil Co, so we hope to see lots more from this blog site with informative content.

    On the matter of the homeless, it is so sad. Just travel down Main Street in Elkton and the problem is so obvious. Someone said they removed the benches at the corner of Main and North street because the homeless were sitting there. Don’t know if that’s true, just a rumor around town, but the benches are gone.

  3. Mike,
    If it is true that Fisona and friends removed the benches so as to deprive the homeless of a place to sit, that is SO disgusting!

    I have helped out at my church, when we hosted the homeless people when it was our turn to do so. It really opened my eyes.

    These people are just like you or me. they have suffered from health problems, family disfunction, vets with mental issues due to their service to our country,etc.!

    I think Rev. Mazza is a saint in our midst, like Mother Theresa. I am so furiuos that some politicians, like Del. Michael Smigiel, are more concerned with their personal political agenda and want to oust homeless people living under the bridge, than in displaying Judeo-Christian charity to help these unfortunate people.

    May God bless Rev. Mazza. And may God reap his judgment on the hyprocritical politicians of Cecil County.

  4. Cecil Times:

    It is true that the benches in front of the Alliance are gone. I see the homeless clustering around that downtown corner and sitting on the brick wall now that soeone remove the benches.

    About as soon as they were removed people starting talking to us, making sure we’d noticed the removal. They were making sure in the hope that we’d dig into it and do an article.

    The authority having jurisidiction in this case has to be Mayor Fisona and friends. Commissioner Jablonski’s office is inside the old building there.

    I listened to a Martin Luther King Sermon at Wright’s AME Church Monday and he talked about the needs in our communities. It was an inspiring speech and there were a lot of politicans there. I hope they were listening.

    Thanks so much for your comments Cecil Times. Keep those excellent stories coming. There’s such a need to have some deeper news here in the county, other than the press releases the politicans periodically handout.

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