Mayor Fisona Announces Enforcement of Tighter Rules for Citizen Participation

Blogging Live from the Elkton Town Meeting —–

Elkton Town Hall – Jan. 5:  Things took a surprise twist at the start of the board meeting as Mayor Fisona announced that stricter rules for citizen participation are going to be enforced.  “Since the last meeting went off course” all citizens are going to be required to sign up prior to the session and they may talk for 3 to 5 minutes, he advised.

Commissioner Givens asked what the statement was all about.  “So we can have a little bit more orderly public comment period,” was the reply.  The discussion continued with the commissioner wondering what would happen if someone came in late or heard a remark during the session that caused them to want to comment.  They won’t be able to speak was the answer. Some of the commissioners seemed puzzled and the subject created a soft buzz in the audience.

We’ll follow this headline post up with a full news article and an editorial.

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One response to “Mayor Fisona Announces Enforcement of Tighter Rules for Citizen Participation

  1. Limiting public comment is as old as the republic. Using antiquated rules to do it is not new either. It is usually a sign of fear. Mayor Frisona may be afraid of the competition…and there is alot for his job.

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