Mayor Fisona Notes 2009 Accomplishments & 2010 Expectations

From the Mayor’s Desk

It has been an honor to serve the Town of Elkton through all the many accomplishments in 2009.  I am delighted to provide you an overview of the projects that have passed through Town Hall and give you a glimpse into 2010.

The Elkton Wastewater Treatment Plant is now complete!  After stressing the need for odor control, we finally have a very impressive system that is operating beautifully.  Not only was the plant expanded for capacity; but it is safer and cleaner to the environment, in particular the Big Elk Creek.  I commend Severn Trent’s efforts to continue good operations and maintenance of our water and wastewater facilities.  Another water-related addition is the interconnect with Artesian along Red Hill Road.  The pipe line can provide up to 1.5 million gallons per day in the event of a drought or emergency to the Elkton Water Treatment Plant.  The back-up water supply was designed to protect Elkton’s 7,026 water service customers.  Elkton was awarded $234,910 for the rehabilitation of the Thomson Estates Water Standpipe.

Additions to Elkton have been steady.  Union Hospital added a medical office building to their campus. Many commercial entities have popped up: Chick-Fil-A, Aamco, Aldi, and USA Sports Club to name a few.  The Stone House at Elk Landing has completed its restoration by adding flooring and a roof.  The West Main Street Project is wrapping up.  The State has put in handicap accessible sidewalks and fluid streets, providing a picturesque scene for residents and those passing-by.

Parks and Recreation has expanded activities exponentially. I am happy to note the increase in the participation of various programs and its healthy way to promote creativity and socialization skills for children of all ages.  The Town received three Community Parks & Playground grants totally $60,000 which will provide two rock walls, new tot equipment and play curbs around all equipment in Meadow Park.

Mayor’s Report Continues Here


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