Breaking News: Shooting in Downtown Elkton

Breaking News From the New Castle & Cecil County Examiner

By ShawnTe Pierce


Elkton, Jan. 8, 2010 (filed 4:08 p.m.) — This reporter was startled from her seat when the sound of five successive gunshots was heard a little before two in the afternoon.

This afternoon, somewhere between East High Street and Booth Street in Elkton, MD., gunfire erupted between a young man and what residents of 245 East High Street say was a car load of people. The young shooter ran from the scene of the incident westward and turned down Milburn Street with the firearm still in his hand.

The owner of the apartment building at 245 east high street, Mark D’azevedo, called the police who immediately responded. A young man was shot twice and emergency personnel arrived on the scene. Pursuit of the shooter ensued as Elkton Police, the Elkton Sheriff’s Department and Perryville Police blocked off the lower section of East High Street. Uniformed and plain clothes officers were on the scene with assault rifles on hand.

Article Continues on the New Castle & Cecil County Examiner


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