Town Announces Next Public Meeting of Board – Jan. 13; No Indication of What Public Business Will Be Discussed

Elkton's Announcement for the Jan. 13 Meeting


The town board will be meeting in a public workshop session on January 13   at 4:00 p.m.  That’s essentially the entire text of the announcement for the statement doesn’t show the items that are going to be considered by the commissioners.     

The practice of not listing discussion items, contrasts with the norms of area local government units.  Both Cecil County and Chesapeake City manage to publish the items they are considering in workshops, for example.  That’s a constructive practice since it allows citizens to stay informed and to participate in the process.      

Once again, we strongly encourage the town to consider this important opportunity, especially in light of actions at the past two meetings where a precedent setting new policy was implemented without any earlier public airing.  In addition the mayor has moved to place additional restrictions on public remarks.  It is at these meetings that the  elected leadership typically obtains details on proposals, ask questions, and decide how they’re going to vote on issues.  Unless something most extraordinary happens, they will simply cast their vote at the monthly meeting. Mayor and Commissioners please consider following the practice of other area governments and publish the agenda of your workshops.  It promotes the involvement of citizens and keeps everyone informed.    

Example of how Chesapeake City encourages citizen participation


One response to “Town Announces Next Public Meeting of Board – Jan. 13; No Indication of What Public Business Will Be Discussed

  1. Hey Joey you watching this. Find out what they are doing at that meeting so people have a chance to say something. OK Joe. You are watching out for the people, right.

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