City Sees Revenue Benefits to Spreading Out Main Street Appeal

From Wilmington News Journal


City sees revenue benefits to spreading out Main Street appeal

The News Journal

NEWARK — These days, motorists making the turn from Main Street onto Elkton Road may come down with a sense of de´jà vu.

Over the past few years, several properties along the north end of Elkton Road have been demolished and rebuilt in the image of Newark’s main shopping and business district, with brick façades, lower floors occupied by retailers and upper floors of apartments.

Several developers and businesses are involved in the projects, which include the rebuilt Grainery Station complex and the former sites of the Crab Trap and the Daffy Deli. The owners of the building housing the Eagle Diner hope to get approval from Newark City Council to demolish and rebuild that structure.

But city officials steered the overall effort to expand the look and feel of downtown, hoping to expand the city’s tax base and capitalize on qualities that make Newark stand out among other area municipalities.

Article Continues on News Journal Site


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