Chestertown Spy: Chestertown’s Homeless Going Nowhere

From the Chestertown Spy

Every night — as temperatures dip to the 20s and winds go moaning past sometimes at 30 miles an hour — some few people in Chestertown are sleeping outdoors with only what they can carry and windbreaks for shelter.  obody seems to know for sure the number, though presumed not many, alone out there in the dark.  ne, according to Court Clerk Mark Mumford, has been spending his nights under benches in the Town Pavilion.

The issue of the homeless in Chestertown came up at the Town Council meeting Monday – and it appeared to sadden and shock town officials and the few in the audience who’d turned out on a frigid winter night. Homeless? In Chestertown? In this weather? What’s being done? Nobody seemed sure.

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2 responses to “Chestertown Spy: Chestertown’s Homeless Going Nowhere

  1. In Chestertown, the town government cares and worries about a handful of homeless people. How refreshing. In Elkton, the town bulldozes the homeless camp and fought for years against Rev. Mazza’s center that would get these poor people off the streets and out of the cold. In Chestertown, elected officials show they have a heart. In Cecil County, Del. Smigiel pressures the state to throw the homeless out of their camp under the bridge. What is wrong with this picture???

  2. Louise:

    Indeed. They have a problem and why they can’t approach it is a logical, professional sort of way, without jumping to a course of action that gets them into legal trouble. They have access to lots of professionals from social services, the religious community, mental health, law enforcement and such. Why not address the problem with an aim of being supportive and implementing solutions. It’ll only help everyone, including downtown Elkton.

    I just don’t get it, but I was pleased to see how another fine municipality approached its problem.

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