Bumper Sticker: Commissioners Voted to Raise My Taxes and Lost My Vote

For as long as we can remember, the County Commissioners have quietly raised taxes but in recent years the Board has been under sharp criticism after approving increases.  We’ll know in a few months what the commissioners are going to do with the rate for 2011, but as the Board of Estimates inches toward a decision groups such as the Young Republicans,  Cecil Citizens Against Taxation, and a few elected representatives have taken strong stands against levying a larger financial burden.  One thing that heightened that discussion last year was that some candidates campaigned on not raising taxes, while opponents simply said they’d do the best they could to control cost.  So as stakeholders and advocacy groups once again seek to press their case against a larger financial burden, it reminded us of a bumper sticker we’d seen around the county.  After we posted a brief announcement about it months ago, there was a collateral reaction as a number of lively exchanges took place on Republican and Non-party affiliated weblogs.   Anyway this reminded us that we promised to post a photo of that bumper sticker so we’re finally getting around to the task.  The links below will also take you to the earlier background discussions on this subject.   As the Board makes challenging choices, it will be important the citizens make their priorities known and the Young Republicans and others are working to get the word out.

Say It Ain’t So Joe:  Comm’s Vote 5 to 0 for Tax Increase

Commissioner Hodge Told Voters He Would Hold the Line on Taxes During Campaign

Cecil County Budget:  Remember Last May

Candidates Be Warned:  Cut the Spending!

The Big GOP Debate

Bumper Sticker Reads:  They Voted to Raise My Taxes and Lost My Vote


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