Elkton commissioner Notes Impact Chrysler Development Will Have on Elkton

The News Journal published a column by the former president of the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce on Jan 3, 2010.  In the opinion piece, the author suggested the county will gain hundreds of residents from redevelopment of Chrysler, but the project wasn’t good news for Bainbridge.  Since Commissioner Jablonski cited this piece as a source of understanding the changes that may come this way and other local political bloggers have made remarks about it, we’ll link to the original article for readers. 


Wilmington News Journal, Jan 3, 2010

by Daniel Schneckenburger

It’s been one year since Chrysler announced it would shut down its Newark assembly plant. The loss of well-paying jobs in this region, and the lack of reasonable alternatives for those workers, really has taken a toll on the local economy. With over 200 of those workers residing in Maryland, my state has struggled with these job losses . . . 

But with the recent acquisition of the former Chrysler facility by the University of Delaware, we can expect the impact on Maryland and Cecil County to be potentially far greater. . . .  The vision of several million square feet of technology incubator companies, aligned with the university’s growing research programs, and a possible new medical campus, will transform the area over the next 10 years.

Cecil County will gain hundreds of residents from this commercial development, possibly in areas closest to Newark, which has citizen groups resistant to expanded housing.  Cecil County’s Comprehensive Growth Plan was just overhauled over the past two years without a firm idea of how the re-development will affect the county. . . .

It will not be good news, however, for development of the former Navy property at Bainbridge in Port Deposit. Despite being just eight miles from APG, Bainbridge seems unable to compete with the advantage that the university research programs bring to this re-development.

Article Continues on News Journal site  — Click here to go to the full article.


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